How to get more followers on Instagram 2024


Your Instagram followers are members of your community, not just a numerical figure.

That being said, you can experience a rise in traffic, revenue, and engagement if your primary objective on Instagram is to expand.

We’ll cover 18 strategies for increasing your Instagram following in this guide, along with the top social media management tool for organizing, scheduling, and monitoring your content.

1. Avoid purchasing Instagram followers

But using bots or purchasing followers as short cuts isn’t the solution.

Instagram’s terms of use prohibit buying followers, and while you may experience a spike in interaction and followers at first, doing so will hurt your account over time.

Why? Because Instagram often bans false accounts and bogus engagement, you risk having your account shadowbanned.

Although it could take some time, it will be well to wait to gain loyal, quality followers who will interact with your content.

2. Have a Powerful Value Proposition and Personal Brand

If you had no idea what a store sold, would you still walk in? Most likely not.

That also holds true for your Instagram account.

Whether it’s style advice, motivational sayings, or recipe content, having a distinct value proposition is crucial to turning visitors into followers.

That said, this does not imply that every piece of content you create must be identical.

3. Establish a Coherent Instagram Feed

Your Instagram profile functions as a website, portfolio, and resume all rolled into one these days.

It also doesn’t have to be flawless, although first impressions do count.

In the few seconds you have to introduce yourself and communicate the spirit of your brand, a compelling Instagram aesthetic could mean the difference between a visitor tapping away or choosing to follow.

This is the ideal formula for platform growth because it allows you to observe how your posts appear overall and what impact they have when someone visits your profile!

4. Make Your Instagram Bio Better

Since your Instagram bio is frequently the first thing new users see, it’s the ideal place to introduce yourself and your services right away.

In addition, since you only have 150 characters to set the scene, it’s critical that your bio is succinct, educational, and packed with pertinent keywords to increase account discoverability.

Additionally, you can only include one external link in your Instagram bio, so you should utilize it wisely.

This eliminates the need to constantly update the URL in your Instagram bio and makes it simpler to point followers to particular websites that you mention in your posts.

5. Craft Captions for Instagram SEO Visibility

Only a few years ago, usernames, location tags, hashtags, and profile names could be used for Instagram Explore searches.

But now you may use keywords to search.

This means that the discoverability of your material can be significantly impacted by crafting meaningful, evocative captions that include strategic keywords.

You’ll increase your chances of showing up on the Explore tab and draw more attention to your material by including pertinent, descriptive keywords in your Instagram captions.

6. Choose the Most Effective Hashtags for Your Fans

Hashtags on Instagram remain one of the strongest instruments for growth.

Utilizing pertinent and focused hashtags in your posts will help you connect with new fans.

7. Establish a Regular Instagram Posting Schedule

As far as Instagram growth is concerned, the key is consistency.

“Your audience will get to know you better and more as a result of your consistency, which fosters trust. Additionally, they’ll know what to anticipate from you, which will motivate them to interact with and follow your material.

Nonetheless, the creation of high-quality content that truly benefits your audience should always take precedence over quantity.

8. Determine the Ideal Posting Time

As was already discussed, it’s important to post regularly on Instagram.

Additionally, publishing at the proper moment might result in an increase in traffic and the discovery of new readers for your material.

It has been shown that, more than any other time period, consumers generally interact with information provided in the early hours of the day.

Stated differently, the first bird gets the worm.

9. Verify the Accessibility of Your Instagram Content

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2.2 billion individuals are blind or have other visual impairments.

Therefore, if accessibility isn’t given top priority in your social media strategy, you can be preventing connections, consumers, or future clients from interacting with your content.

Here are five strategies to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of your Instagram account:

When creating video content, add text overlays or subtitles (including Instagram Stories and Reels)

Create evocative alt text for your images on Instagram.

Talk about the details you see in stories and movies.

In Instagram hashtags, capitalize each word. This enables screen readers to correctly read them aloud.

Restrict the amount of emojis used in text overlays and captions to make material that is compatible with screen readers.

Since more people can access and consume inclusive material, it can lead to more engagement, the acquisition of new followers, and an improved Instagram experience for all users.

10. Collaborate with Other Influencers, Creators, & Brands

A great growth hack is to collaborate with brands and influencers who share your values.

You’ll be able to reach a new audience of possible followers and profit from brand association.

The most favorable news? Relationships don’t have to be extremely expensive. Some of the best ones are straightforward and advantageous to both parties.

Similarly, you don’t have to work with supersized influencers to make an impact.

11. Produce Additional Instagram Reels

One of the best methods to attract new audiences on Instagram Reels is still through efficient use of the platform.

Reels are extremely discoverable on Instagram because, in contrast to other post formats like carousels, they have a dedicated space on the Explore page and a button on the home feed navigation bar.

The Reels feed provides users with high-interest content, much as TikTok’s For You page, which makes it simpler to gain more followers and become more visible.

For optimal outcomes

  • Make sure the descriptions for your Reels appropriately convey the topic of your videos by using hashtags and keywords.
  • When appropriate for your brand, incorporate popular soundtracks into your Instagram Reels!
  • To encourage repeat views, keep your reels brief.
  • Make unique material.
  • For those who are watching without sound, provide on-screen text.
  • Try to capture high-quality video (instead of posting stuff that has a TikTok watermark).

12. Make the most of the highlights on Instagram Stories

Stories expire after a day, but you may save them by adding them to your Instagram Story Highlights.

Producing top-notch highlights will help you draw in more followers, build brand awareness, and draw in new viewers with your best Instagram Stories material.

13. Produce Memes and Other Shareable material

Creating shareworthy material is a terrific way to start expanding your following naturally.

Tried-and-true formats like inspirational quotations and educational carousel posts can reach thousands of individuals with just one post.

Memes are also incredibly effective at expanding their audience, particularly when they capitalize on a popular culture trend.

Your meme is more likely to become viral if it strikes a chord with people in your community.

14. Embrace Content Generated by Users

Getting your community to post user-generated content (UGC) is a terrific method to increase Instagram following growth and brand recognition.

NOTE: Always get permission from the original creator before reposting user-generated content (UGC), even if they tagged you.

15. Hold a Giveaway on Instagram

Organizing an Instagram giveaway can be one of the best strategies for quickly growing your following.

With the appropriate approach, you may strengthen the sense of community surrounding your business and connect with thousands of potential new fans.

Make sure you have explicit admission requirements that align with your desired growth trajectory, such as following your account, sharing to Instagram Stories, and tagging a buddy in the comments.

Giveaways on Instagram are particularly advantageous if they are organized in collaboration with a business or artist that caters to a similar demographic.

16. Use Other Channels to Promote Your Instagram Account

Cross-promoting your account on other websites is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking for more strategies to increase your Instagram following.

One way to entice viewers to click through to your Instagram profile is to link your TikTok account to your Instagram account.

17. Examine High-Performing Content

One of the most crucial variables to consider when tracking your brand’s performance on Instagram is reach.

Reach indicates how many distinct accounts have viewed your content, which indicates the level of interest and awareness you are receiving.

You can utilize the findings of a post’s unusually high or low reach to inform future ones.

Which hashtags were used by you? Which kind of material did you post? Was your caption’s call-to-action (CTA) designed to maximize engagement?

It provides you with an intuitive dashboard that provides a visual summary of the performance of your articles, Reels, and posts.

18. Make a Community Connection

A top strategy for expanding your account?

Establish a relationship with your followers and create a vibrant Instagram community.

As a brand or as a creative, consider the following:

How often do you respond to comments and direct messages?

Do you schedule time to interact with Instagram Lives or Stories in real time?

What’s the lesson learned? People that follow you because they believe in and trust what you post are more inclined to tell their own followers about it.

That’s it; even though gaining more Instagram followers won’t happen instantly, you can succeed if you use the 18 suggestions and techniques listed above.

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