How to track steps on iPhone and Android 2024


Step tracking is possible without a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

To track steps automatically using just your phone, set up Google Fit for Android or Apple Health for iPhone. Keep your phone with you at all times to obtain a precise reading.

To track your steps, you don’t need a fitness band or smartwatch. The daily phone you carry about is capable of tracking your step count and walking distance on its own. It isn’t as difficult as you may imagine.

How to Use IPhone to Track Steps

Once your profile is set up, you may use the Apple Health app to automatically track your steps on an iPhone. The Fitness app also makes use of your steps.

  • To begin, launch the Health app, select “Continue” to agree to the conditions and begin.
  • Enter your details next to ensure that the Health app’s tracking is accurate.
  • Finally, select whether to get optional notifications.
  • Actually, that is all there is to the setup procedure. By default, the “Favorites” column at the top of the page will display your daily steps.

    To capture your stair count, just remember to always have your iPhone on you! That’s how simple it is. But Apple Health is much more than just a step counter.

Top Apps for iPhone Step Trackers
Apple Health is the greatest free step counter app for iPhone, but there are a few other options on the App Store if you’d like to give something else a try.

Pedometer++ is a user-friendly, straightforward step-tracking application that may be customized. In addition to participating in monthly challenges, you can strive for accomplishments. The widgets for the home and lock screens, though, might be the greatest feature.

Pedometer StepsApp

You can select accent colors for the simple interface of the appropriately named StepsApp app. Like Apple Health, it has a daily ring graph, but it also has home screen widgets and a ton more information about trends.

Step tracker and pedometer Pacer
One of the best user interfaces for a step-tracking app is found in Pacer. It’s not just a step counter; you can use it to record activities, annotate them with photos, and add map information. Pacer is the better option if you’re looking for an app with more features than Apple Health. But some features demand a subscription that costs money.

How to Use Android to Track Steps

With the Google Fit app, your Android phone can function as a “Google pedometer” in essence. Although the app is pre-installed on some devices, anyone can download it from the Play Store.

  • Launch the app and log in using your Google account first.
  • In case you are already logged in, select “Continue”.
  • Next, enter your information so that Google Fit can properly record data, then hit “Next.”
  • Finally, and perhaps most crucially, click “Turn On” to enable Google Fit to monitor your activity. You need to enable this in order to track steps.  
  • Press “Allow” to allow Google Fit to collect and analyze your physical activity data. 

That’s the only thing to it! The rings at the top of the screen display the user’s daily steps.

You’re all set to monitor your steps! Google Fit will automatically count and display your steps as long as you have your phone with you.

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