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10 tips on how to make Instagram posts more attractive 2024


Whether you like it or not, the caliber of your Instagram photos affects how many likes and followers you receive. One of the key elements that propels increased online interaction is high-quality content.

Now let’s get started on how to create a visually appealing Instagram post!

Your posts can stand out more in the Feed and encourage people to interact with your company with a few easy tweaks!

How to make Instagram posts more attractive:

1. Make use of post templates:

You can post a simple photo on the Feed. In fact, you ought to occasionally!

Providing variety in your posts is what matters most.

Include borders, images, and text in your post to make it appear more professional.

2. Select excellent filters

Unless you’re an extremely skilled photographer, you’ll probably need to add filters to your images to make them look better.

You may filter your Instagram photographs in a few different ways: on your smartphone, within Instagram,Maintaining a consistent filter on your Instagram grid is crucial for brands. or a set of filters that you consistently utilize, at the very least.

3. Select your images carefully

Half the battle is won when you pick the correct pictures for your posts and Instagram Stories. You should ask yourself, “Is this photo worth sharing?” as a sincere first query.

Your current followers are interested in content that makes their life more interesting, meaningful, and valuable. You’re up against millions of postings for new followers to grab their interest.

Consider carefully what your audience (or future clients) would like to see and engage with.

4. Take care.

Regretfully, spelling and punctuation errors have taken over Instagram, even on the Explore tab!

Read the caption and other written content on the photograph several times before posting. Building a trustworthy relationship with your audience will make the extra one or two minutes you spend before posting well worth it.

5. Make the most of the lighting

When editing a picture or video, there’s only so much “fixing” you can do. Thus, give good illumination top priority.

Before you capture any shots or videos on Instagram, consider these strategies to enhance the lighting:

Turn to face a window so that your face—or the face of your product—is illuminated.

Venture outdoors, particularly on arid, partly overcast days.

To make your camera aware of the subject, tap the center of the screen.

Make your eyes glitter and your face more radiant by using ring lights.

These suggestions will greatly improve your photos and videos, even without filters!

6. Show up by surprise

When considering what kinds of images and videos you can offer, start thinking creatively. What is it that your intended audience regularly views? What would cause their feed to truly tremble?

If you frequently share product highlights, think about posting a variety of content, such as:

Fun behind the scenes

Comparisons of products (with rivals)


Posts that aren’t commercial (education, genesis story)

Giveaways and competitions

7. Utilize the grid (the grid on your camera)

A 9-square grid can be displayed on the screen of most smartphones when you snap pictures by adjusting the settings. This can assist you in utilizing the “rule of thirds” to maximize the scale and center your topic.

A technique for taking pictures is the rule of thirds. Any location in a 9-square grid where two lines connect is the subject’s center. Alternatively, it is positioned in the middle of a vertical or horizontal line.

This can give your pictures a balanced, artistic appearance without requiring you to crop them smaller and run the risk of them being pixelated.

Giveaways and competitions

To increase diversity, think about working with different accounts. As an illustration: One hat company might post a picture of a llama sporting one of their creations.

8. Be erratic in your sharing

Current followers have grown accustomed to seeing particular things from your account. Post something that’s different from whatever you’ve posted previously to liven up their feed.

Change up what you share with new followers in comparison to other accounts they come across.

Show a comparison of how one of your bottles will save 10,000 plastic bottles over the course of its lifetime if you are an eco-friendly water bottle manufacturer that regularly blogs about your products.

9. Crop expertly

There are instances when a crop is all your photo really requires. Do not always center your topic; try skewing them up, down, right, or left.

Or, instead of displaying the entire thing, zoom in to pique curiosity and attention. Your picture has the potential to grab and hold their attention if it is startling and leaves them wondering just what it is.

10. Get a pro

Listen up, DIY solopreneurs.

Hiring an expert can be worthwhile. Their experience will enable them to produce outstanding material that your audience would adore.

Furthermore, hiring an expert can frequently result in a high return on investment for sales, growth, and conversions.

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