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World’s First Flying Electric Taxi Boat, The Candela P-8 Voyager Showcased In Venice


It is also fully connected and supports OTA updates, allowing Candela’s 24-hour service department to perform remote troubleshooting.

Candela, based in Stockholm, is the world leader in hydrofoil electric boats that fly above the surface of the water to consume less energy. The company recently unveiled a new boat powered by an electric power train.
The Candela P-8 Voyager was created to replace traditional water taxis and commercial passenger water carts that used combustion engines.The boat that was unveiled in Venice is built on the same platform as the C8 electric speedboat.

The P8 is powered by a hydrofoil system, which is also used on the brand’s other electric boats.It was created by more than 50 engineers with backgrounds in the drone, aerospace, and software industries.When the boat reaches 16 knots, the onboard flight controller changes the foil angle of attack, allowing it to lift off and fly above the surface of the waves.

“Really, you get the seakeeping ability of a 100-foot ship in a 28-footer.Foiling in bad weather will be the ultimate nature experience.Taking in the dramatic scenery, breaking waves and all, while flying over it safely and silently.This is a new level of luxury that I dare to say has never been seen at sea before “Candela’s chief commercial officer, Erik Eklund, agreed.

The boat’s flight controller uses a variety of sensors to gauge wave height and ensure a smooth ride even in adverse conditions.Because of its high ride height and 100-per-second roll, pitch, and elevation adjustments, the system can handle four to five-foot-long chop and boat wakes.

The system is also used in sensitive areas to boat wakes, such as Venice.The wakes created by the hydrofoil system are almost non-existent, and the hydrofoils are no larger than Venice’s famous gondolas.

World's First Flying Electric Taxi Boat, The Candela P-8 Voyager Showcased In Venice

The P8 voyager has been designed to require minimal maintenance.Candela’s C-Pod motor was designed specifically for the company’s hydrofoiling watercraft.It has two submerged motors that produce 50 kW of power and drive the counter-rotating propellers directly without the use of a transmission.

This also means no oil, noise, or cooling fluid, which means no upkeep.It can also run for 3,000 hours without needing to be serviced, which is 30 times longer than any internal combustion-powered system.

It is also fully connected and supports OTA updates, allowing Candela’s 24-hour service department to perform remote troubleshooting.

“We knew that the service aspect was critical for commercial operators to go electric.Whether you own a whale-watching company or are the captain of a superyacht, our goal is to have no downtime on this boat due to maintenance “Eklund stated.

P8 Voyager cruises at 20 knots and has a top speed of 30 knots, making it faster than internal combustion engines.The boat is 28 feet long and can accommodate up to six passengers.

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