Uninstall These 17 Malicious Android Apps If You Have Them On Your Phone


A total of 17 Android apps, which were recently removed from PlayStore found to be using the DawDropper model. If you still have them on your device, uninstall them right away.

It was discovered that 17 Android-apps recently removed from the PlayStore used the DawDropper concept.Remove them immediately from your device if you still have them installed.

Android users, beware if you’ve downloaded any apps that appear sketchy, have stolen designs or descriptions, or promise to complete things that other apps aren’t able to (for instance: call recorders)! As stated in the app description, these apps might provide you with solutions, but they might also covertly install droppers on your Android device.Your privacy could be compromised and your personal information could be stolen by these droppers.

These malicious android apps may be using DawDropper

Some of the recent malicious android apps were found to be employing the Dropper-as-a-Service (DaaS) paradigm, which was the subject of investigation by TrendMicro.Such applications can be stealing your personal info if you have them installed.Text messages, for example, may contain OTPs, passwords, financial information and other details.

Before we look at every app that the company just discovered, let’s look at how these apps might help hackers infect your smartphone with malware and obtain your personal information.

On Google’s PlayStore for Android, you can find some clone or suspicious android apps that contain harmful droppers.These droppers therefore make it easier for malware to be installed and aid cybercriminals in spreading the infection.

Having said that, avoid downloading any such applications that claim to perform amazing feats or easy tasks like clearing the RAM on your phone.Here is a complete list of the 17 malicious-apps that you might have downloaded into your phone.

1. Call Recorder

2. Rooster VPN

3. Super Cleaner

4. Document Scanner

5. Universal Saver Pro

6. Eagle photo editior

7. Call recorder pro+

8. Extra Cleaner

9. Crypto Utils

10. FixCleaner

11. Universal Saver Pro (New version)

12. Lucky Cleaner

13. Just In: Video Motion

14. Document Scanner Pro

15. Conquer Darkness

16. Simpli Cleaner

17. Unicc QR Scanner

Thankfully, it appears that Google has removed these-apps, although they might still be there on your phone.If you do have them, remove them as soon as possible from your device.

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