Looking For An Internship? Here Are Some Of The Apps Which Could Help


Try these apps if you’re a recent graduate looking for employment. They might be able to assist you in finding the ideal internship to launch your career.

Following the lifting of the COVID, the recruiting market in India has seen enormous growth and many businesses have turned to technology to connect with job seekers across the nation.In the nation, numerous apps and platforms offer both seasoned workers and recent graduates a wide variety of jobs.

However, some students struggle to find the appropriate organisation or platform to apply to internship programmes in order to further their careers before joining a company.

Therefore, for those newcomers, we have included a few of the hand-selected apps that can give students the opportunity to consider internships with businesses.


Twenty19 is a portal that exclusively offers projects, internships and volunteer opportunities.To be considered for internship opportunities, students can establish their profiles on the portal for free and share them with businesses.The site also offers pupils an online training course to help them develop their talents.


Letsintern is one of the best resources for students who want to work for companies and build their experience.The portal aids students in discovering the greatest internship opportunities available nationwide in a variety of industries.


Hirect is a chat-based platform for direct recruiting created for high-growth startups, SMEs and MNCs to meet their hiring needs without any consultants and with complete data protection.With its built-in audio and video calling facilities, the hiring platform enables recruiters to perform the whole hiring process without switching between different platforms.However, the organisation also offers a specific area that enables users to look for internships in other fields and businesses according to their skills.More than 150K organisations are actively hiring thanks to the app’s recent 8 million+ downloads on both the Play Store and the AppStore.


An online platform called Internshala is renowned for offering internship programmes to students so they can develop their talents and gain industry knowledge.To learn more about the opportunities, visit the official website or just download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.The platform is accessible without a subscription or any other fees.To focus your search, you can select the company’s category, duration, and location.

stuMagz Platform

The stuMagz Platform is next on the list; like the others, it provides full-time, part-time and internship programmes.The platform provides numerous options for businesses in the tech and non-tech sectors.If you are from Hyderabad, it would be the icing on the cake because the platform provides a wider range of chances there than elsewhere.

In order to receive information as soon as something new is added to the website, you can also establish alerts for new internship programmes.

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