Twitter Launches Tweeten App For Mac, Windows As A Replacement For TweetDeck


Twitter has previously indicated that as of July 1st, Mac users would no longer be able to utilise the TweetDeck programme.

As a successor for the departed TweetDeck programme, Twitter has released the Tweeten application for Windows and Mac.In order to improve it and test Twitter’s new preview, Twitter had previously stated that it would be “saying goodbye” to the TweetDeck programme for Mac.As of July 1, the programme will no longer be available for Mac users, but users can still access TweetDeck online, according to the microblogging site.Because of the new application’s resemblance to TweetDeck, users will migrate more easily.

Twitter, a microblogging service, has announced the release of Tweeten, a new programme for Windows and Mac.The new programme appears to be a substitute for TweetDeck, which has been discontinued.Users will find it simpler to switch from the previous programme to the new one because Tweeten’s user interface resembles that of TweetDeck.Users will be able to tweet directly from the app, and they may create columns for all the various topics they want to follow.Because Tweeten is linked with the macOS Touch Bar, users may access key shortcuts right from the touch bar.

In comparison to the TweetDeck app, Tweeten will provide users with more options for personalising the software.The settings menu is where you may do this.Users of Tweeten receive personalised notifications that also give them the option to like and retweet a tweet directly from the notice.Users can also decide where on the screen the notification will display and how long it will remain visible.The new programme is referred to by Twitter as “TweetDeck, but with all the major features.”Users may now select which accounts and tweets they want to see.Users can now directly download a video from Twitter using Tweeten.

Using the download URL provided on the Tweetnep website, users can install the Tweeten app on their Mac or Windows laptops and desktop computers.Additionally, users have the option to download the software as a Google Chrome extension.

TweetDeck will no longer be accessible to Mac users beginning on July 1 according to an earlier tweet from Twitter.TweetDeck will still be available to users online, Twitter added.

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