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SpiceJet Faces Ransomware Attack, Passengers Left Stranded on Airport Due to Delayed Morning Departures


SpiceJet said on Twitter that the problem had been confined and resolved.

Due to a ransomware assault that disrupted SpiceJet airlines’ morning flight departures on Wednesday, hundreds of customers were stuck at several airports.

A SpiceJet representative confirmed the news, saying that a ransomware assault on Tuesday night had caused delays in flight departures this morning.

“Last night, an attempted ransomware assault on SpiceJet systems interrupted and slowed early flight departures today.
Our IT team has managed to contain and resolve the issue, and flights are now functioning regularly “After receiving multiple inquiries about the flight delay, SpiceJet issued a tweet.

Meanwhile, as travellers stranded at airports expressed their dissatisfaction with the delay, ground employees informed them that “the server was down.”
Renu Tilwani, one of the passengers, tweeted that a flight to Bangalore due to depart at 9.30 a.m. has been rescheduled till 1.30 p.m.
Officials, on the other hand, are withholding information on the technical glitch, claiming that they are unable to follow the situation.

Passengers are questioning SpiceJet’s promises of resuming normal operations on Twitter.

SpiceJet was apparently hit by a security hole in 2020 that exposed the personal information of over 1.2 million passengers, including flight information.
The information was alleged to have been discovered in an unencrypted database file after a security researcher brute-forced the password on a SpiceJet server.

Accordingly, the intrusion was carried out by a security researcher who is not being named since they are possibly in violation of US computer hacking laws.
The researcher allegedly got access to one of SpiceJet’s systems by brute-forcing a “easily-guessable password,” according to the article.
As of last month, the system had an unencrypted backup file containing the personal information of over 1.2 million passengers, including a rolling month’s worth of information such as name, phone number, email address, date of birth, and travel information.

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