Sony Venice 2 Digital Camera With A New 8.6K Full-Frame Image Sensor Launched In India


New characteristics of the Venice 2 include its small size, internal recording capability, and choice of two distinct sensors.

The new flagship model and newest addition to Sony‘s line-up of high-end digital cinema cameras, the Venice 2, was unveiled on Wednesday in India for a starting price of Rs 60 lakh.New characteristics of the Venice 2 include its small size, internal recording, and choice between the newly created full-frame 8.6K sensor and the previous 6K Venice sensor.Venice 2 features like as colour science, Dual Base ISO, and 8-stops of built-in ND filters are also carried over from the original Venice.

The Venice 2 aspires to provide superior image quality with 16 stops of overall latitude1 when paired with a newly built 8.6K (8640 x 5760) full-frame CMOS image sensor to capture stunning photographs with accurate colour separation and shadow depth.The original Venice, which is renowned for its realistic skin tones, is where the camera also gets its colour science.

Filmmakers may shoot stunningly clean, film-like images with the Venice 2 8K CineAlta camera’s unique dual base ISO of 800/3200 in a variety of lighting situations.As a result, it creates an amazing and adaptable camera system for cinematographers and productions, supporting everything from full-frame, full-frame anamorphic2 to Super35, all at a minimum of 4K quality, the business said in a statement.

The Venice 2 is created with a smaller and lighter body than the original Venice while maintaining its user-friendly interface, claims the manufacturer.The VENICE 2 chassis, despite being 44mm smaller and roughly 10% lighter3, enables X-OCN and Apple 4K ProRes 4444 and 422 HQ internal recording without the AXS-R7 recorder, providing cutting-edge usability in a small and light body.

Both the original 6K sensor block and the 8.6K sensor can be used with the camera.Without any firmware upgrades or reinstalls, the camera body instantly recognises the change and powers on.The original 6K sensor will also support faster frame rates.

Beginning on July 18, 2022, India will have access to the Venice 2 digital cinema camera with an 8.6K image sensor and the Venice 2 camera with a 6K image sensor.

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