Ballerina: A new addition to the data-oriented programming languages


Many modern programming languages offer libraries for dealing with performance, many cores, structured data, errors or failures, and other responsibilities.Many of these responsibilities are built into the Ballerina programming language.

New programming languages are being launched to make programmers’ lives easier.The Ballerina programming language is one such addition to the programming languages.

Ballerina is a data-oriented programming language with a flexible type system that combines the safety, clarity, and development speed of statically typed and dynamically typed languages.On the surface, Ballerina seems like other C-style languages.It does, however, have capabilities that integrate current best practises for web programming, microservices, and Agile or DevOps development.

Modeling data and delivering it back and forth over the network is straightforward with Ballerina.Writing, declaring, processing, querying, structuring, reorganising, and navigating data are all possible using the language.

Why did you chose Ballerina as your programming language?

The Ballerina programming language has many advantages, some of which are given below, that make it a great choice for programmers:

  1. Type system that is adaptable

In a computer language, the type system is the foundation for defining data and applying logic.It allows you to make abstractions from the data you provide.Some languages try to give in-built capabilities for specialised domains, while others provide fundamental functionality.

As more cloud services become available, the network-distributed programming domain has grown.Because the developer must now work with networked resources in their code, the programming language must aid them.Ballerina’s network-friendly type system was created with this domain in mind.

  1. Parallelism

Ballerina’s concurrency architecture supports threads as well as coroutines and was designed to closely match sequence diagrams.

A Ballerina programme is run using one or more threads.A thread can be made up of one or more strands, which are language-managed, logical control threads.Only one strand of thread can be used at a time.The strands of a single thread work together to execute several activities.As a result, single-thread strands behave like coroutines when compared to one another.

  1. Handling of errors

Ballerina was designed with obvious faults rather than exceptions in mind.Ballerina now offers explicit error testing and management, as well as thorough error reporting.

When working with networks, errors are to be expected.One of the distributed computing fallacies is the assumption that the network is reliable.Explicit error handling is required when working with network services since it forces you to check for errors and handle or pass them on to the caller.

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