How To Send WhatsApp Messages Without Typing


It’s easy to send WhatsApp messages without typing, and the method is much the same for iPhones and Android phones.This is how to go about it.

Due of its simplicity of use, WhatsApp is popular among its users.A keyboard is typically used to interact with a phone, particularly with chat apps like WhatsApp.However, users have a number of options as mobile operating systems developed to provide more accessibility.I’m referring to ordering stuff over the phone.Digital voice assistants are at the heart of it, and WhatsApp enables them.On Android, it is Google Assistant, while on iPhones, it is Siri.

Let’s speak about how you can send WhatsApp messages without typing now that I’ve explained how typing is no longer required to perform tasks on your phone.It is a straightforward procedure that is largely the same for iOS and Android.

How to send WhatsApp messages without typing on Android

You have Google Assistant on your Android phone, which enables you to carry out a number of tasks with simply a voice command.This function also enables you to send WhatsApp messages without having to type anything.

— Open the Google app on your phone and tap on your profile photo in the top-right corner

— Navigate to Settings and then tap on Google Assistant

— Alternatively, you can just say “Hey, Google” to summon the Google Assistant on your phone’s screen

— Now, you have to say “Send a WhatsApp message to [contact’s name]”

— You have to make sure the name you took is fed into your phone’s contacts

— Google Assistant will now ask you what message you want to send

— Just say the message and Google will recognise it

— The Google Assistant will now ask you to confirm if you want to send that message, to which you have to say “yes”

— Your WhatsApp message to the chosen contact will be sent

How to send WhatsApp messages without typing on iPhone

The procedure is the same as it is for Android, however Siri serves as your available virtual helper rather than Google Assistant.

— On your iPhone, enable the “Hey, Siri” feature by navigating to settings, followed by a tap on the section where it says ‘Siri’

— Alternatively, you can program the power button to trigger Siri with a long press

— Say “Hey, Siri,” followed by the phrase “Send a WhatsApp message to [contact’s name]”

— You need to ensure the contact is stored in your iPhone’s contacts library

— Siri will ask you the message you want to send and you need to declare that

— You will see the message you told Siri to send, followed by a confirmation call by Siri

— Tell Siri to send that message and your message will be sent to the contact without needing you to type

— An advantage on iOS is that the chat pops up on the screen after you have sent the message using Siri

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