OnePlus 10T Glacier Mat Case With Sustainable Circulation Cooling, Bumper Case Sandstone Launched In India


A tempered glass for the OnePlus 10T has also been made available by OnePlus in India.

The accessories for the OnePlus 10T were unveiled shortly after the phone’s launch on Wednesday in India.Two cases and tempered glass have been made available in the nation by OnePlus for the recently released phone.One of them is made especially to disperse heat and regulate the phone’s temperature at all times.Additionally, it is said to be 5G-compatible, effectively enabling the signals.The other is a plain-looking product with a textured finish and black paint.The back of the OnePlus 10T is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

OnePlus 10T Glacier Mat Case, Bumper Case Sandstone, Tempered Glass price in India

Priced at Rs. 1,499 for the OnePlus-10T Glacier Mat Case, Rs. 799 for the OnePlus-10T Bumper Case Sandstone and Rs. 999 for the tempered glass from the OnePlus store.

The OnePlus 10T Glacier Mat Case features environmentally friendly circulation cooling.The Glacier Mat Heat Dissipation Material, which is believed to make up 36% of the casing, is what it is made of.When the phone gets hot, it evaporates to release heat, and when the phone cools down, it “naturally rehydrates from the air”.According to reports, it is 5G ready, allowing signals to move freely and providing a fluid viewing and gaming experience.

According to OnePlus, four layers of finely powdered sandstone are spray painted on the OnePlus 10T 5G Bumper Case Sandstone.It is marketed as offering a cosy grip and “Powerful Protection”.According to OnePlus, the case is a perfect fit for gaming and has a 1-meter drop resistant rating in addition to an anti-shock feature.

Last but not least, to ensure “edge-to-edge protection”, the OnePlus 10T 5G 3D tempered glass screen protector is produced utilising cutting-edge CNC machining.It boasts anti-scratch surface and 9H hardness glass.Additionally, there is an AF coating that is intended to repel oil and grime from fingerprints.

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