Meta Is Adding A New 18+ Tag Policy For Mature Content For Its VR Platform


The switch is brought about by Meta’s decision to separate Facebook accounts from the essential components of its Quest VR headsets and replace them with Meta accounts.

Tech company Meta has changed its content guidelines for Horizon Worlds users and added a new content rating system for “adult audiences” in an effort to make it more user-friendly.

According to UploadVR, the tech giant informed Horizon Worlds users of the change in virtual email, stating that creators must assign a content rating to their worlds to indicate if it is suitable for all ages or exclusively for mature users (age 18 and over).

Existing worlds “will default to over 18 regardless of the content in the world” if developers do nothing and do not update them within the next month.

The new rating option is accessible to creators in Build mode’s World page and can be changed at any moment.

The switch was made as a result of Meta separating Facebook accounts from the basic functionality of its Quest VR headsets and substituting them with Meta accounts, which, according to the article, require a name and “date of birth so we can verify your age”.

With its previous policy, Facebook forced users to use the name “they went by in everyday life”, but this is not the case for Meta accounts.

Voice Mode, a new feature in Horizon Worlds that provides players more control over their experience, was just introduced by Meta.Users of the Quest 2 VR headset can utilise this function to choose how they hear people who aren’t on their friends list, including the choice to completely ignore undesirable talks.

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