Google’s Switch To Android IOS App Now Supports All Android 12 Devices


With changes to its Convert to Android app for iOS, Google is making it simpler for iPhone users to switch to Android.Now, all Android 12 smartphones are supported by the app.

Google is making it simpler for iPhone users to migrate to Android from iOS.With a significant update, the company has made all Android 12 smartphones compatible with its Switch to Android software for iOS.As long as it is equipped with the most recent build of Google’s mobile operating system, iPhone users will find it simple to convert to an Android smartphone with this update.

According to Google, iPhone customers can transfer a variety of data sets, including contacts, calendars, and images, from their old iPhones to their new Android 12-powered smartphones via the Switch to Android app.

Using Google’s Switch to Android software, switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone is a simple process.Your old iPhone and your Android phone must first be connected.Either using WiFi or a Lightning to USB-C cable is an option.Once the two devices are linked, you must launch the Switch to Android app and choose the files you wish to transfer to your new Android smartphone, such as contacts, pictures, messages, videos, apps, and music.Once you’ve chosen that, the software will do the remaining tasks.

The Google Switch to Android software will assist you with transferring all of your data as well as deregistering from iMessages so that you can receive text messages on your new Android 12 smartphone.The app will also offer advice on how to move your Apple iCloud-based data to your new Android phone.

Google announced in a blog post that “support for the Switch to Android app for iOS is rolling out to all Android 12 phones starting today, so you can migrate some crucial information from your iPhone to your new Android easily”.

The business said, “Once you get your new Android phone, follow our simple setup instructions to walk through the data transfer procedure”.

It is important to note that the Switch to Android app update was released only a few months after the business gave the app an official release on Apple’s App Store.The software was exclusively accessible to owners of Google Pixel smartphones when it was first released by Apple in April.The business had stated at the time that it will shortly add assistance for other OEMs (original equipment makers).After about two months, Google has now expanded the app’s accessibility to additional Android users.

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