Elon Musk Says Tesla To Have Robot Prototype By The End Of September 2022


Musk believes that the Optimus could aid in resolving the manufacturing industry’s labour shortage.

Elon Musk has stated that the “Tesla Bot,” a humanoid robot announced last year, will be Tesla’s most important project in 2022.Musk has now revealed that the electric vehicle manufacturer may have a working prototype of the humanoid robot by September 30.Musk has stated that there may be announcements on day 2 of Tesla’s AI day event on September 30.The robot project is now known internally as “Optimus,” after Hasbro’s Transformers cartoon series.Tesla also announced its AI chip for the Dojo supercomputer last year, which will be the fastest supercomputer on the planet.

The AI day event was originally scheduled for August 19, but the billionaire announced that it had been postponed on Twitter.By then, he said, there will be a working prototype of the Optimus.

Tesla hopes to begin mass manufacturing of the robot by 2023, and since revealing the original bot last year, the corporation has been actively recruiting employees for the project.Tesla also stated that the robot will be able to grasp the world around it thanks to its self-driving technology.

Musk said the Optimus would be designed to perform repeatable tasks and assist with its own manufacturing operations at first.Optimus, according to Musk, may be able to assist in resolving the job concerns.

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