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How To Spot Fake Reviews And Shady Ratings On Amazon


Sort reviews by most recent, see whether older evaluations were for entirely different things, and look out for words like “gift” or “free”.

Amazon is suing the administrators of more than 10,000 Facebook groups, alleging that the groups conspired to post phoney evaluations on the online retailer’s website.Amazon did not disclose the identities of the administrators, but it did name one group, “Amazon Product Review”, which it said had more than 43,000 members.

Manipulation also exists whenever reviews are present—for products, restaurants, and apps.The most likely location to find it is on Amazon, which is the biggest online retailer in the country.The vast majority of its goods come from its Marketplace programme, where millions of independent vendors compete to sell anything from lawn furniture to USB cables.The reason for those inexpensive “five-star” no-name products that you buy then regret is that fake reviews can provide sellers an advantage and help them make more money.

Third-party merchants are prohibited from paying or motivating individuals with free products or monetary rewards under Amazon’s policies.However, many do so while avoiding discovery by organising on websites like Facebook.Facebook’s parent company, Meta, issued the following statement: “Groups that solicit or promote phoney reviews violate our regulations and are terminated”.We are collaborating with Amazon on this issue and will keep working with other companies in the sector to solve bogus reviews.

The legal action taken by Amazon is a move to lessen the number of fraudulent reviews on its platform.According to Dharmesh Mehta, an Amazon vice president who handles customer trust, “Proactive legal action targeting unethical actors is one of many ways we protect customers by holding bad actors accountable”.

But Amazon is engaged in an ongoing struggle that is unlikely to conclude soon.

I’ve written about how some retailers track down dissatisfied clients and how others provide gift cards or free merchandise in exchange for positive evaluations.A study from the University of California, Los Angeles that was released on July 11 demonstrates how fraudulent reviews on products tend to come from the same group of reviewers.This pool might readily switch to another channel of communication.

“We want Amazon users to shop with confidence, knowing that the consumer reviews they read are reliable and real.Because of this, we seriously consider review abuse and work to ensure that no phoney reviews ever appear in our shop”, a spokesperson for Amazon said in a statement after this piece was published.She said that more than 30 million reviews are submitted to the company each week and that more than 12,000 Amazon staff members seek to stop fraud and abuse, including phoney reviews.”Before a client could see them, we stopped hundreds of millions of suspected fraudulent reviews” She continued.

When shopping online, you’ll still need to conduct some research in the reviews section.I check some things, like electronics or skin care, more carefully because poor quality or incorrect labelling can have more serious repercussions.Even “confirmed purchase” ratings can be faked, so it’s impossible to know for sure whether reviews were altered, although there are several warning signals for the most egregious offenders.

How to Spot Manipulated Ratings

Search for a small link with the number of ratings just below the product’s title while you are on an Amazon listing.This link will take you directly to a summary of customer reviews at the bottom of the page.

Click “See all reviews” at the bottom of this section after scrolling down.This will lead you to a dashboard where you may filter by verified purchases, search through review content, and sort reviews by positive or negative ratings.

•Do not purchase anything with only five-star reviews.A balanced mixture of star ratings should be visible for each product having hundreds or thousands of reviews.

• Check out the reviews with one star first.Take notice of any recurring references to obvious flaws.Select “1 star only” from the “All stars” dropdown in the review dashboard.I’ll overlook unfavourable evaluations if they relate to an issue outside the seller’s control, such a shipping partner’s delayed delivery.

• Use the most recent sort.Change the selection next to Sort By from “Top reviews” to “Most recent”.This frequently provides a better variety of reviews and can highlight current shipment or quality control problems.

• Read the reviews thoroughly.Does the reviewer state that they haven’t really used the product yet? This one should be evident.I once found a case for a brand-new, unreleased device that had lots of good ratings!Also look up the dates.If a large number of the comments were sent at the same time, that might be a sign of manipulation.

• Be wary of good video and image reviews.Images can be useful for understanding a product’s size or features, but reviewers for paid services are frequently required to include media.Because of this, a simple bath mat may receive minute-long video reviews that extol its plushness or colour.

• Look out for warning signs like “gift” or “free”.(“Search customer reviews”), there is a search option look for reviews that mention receiving a gift card or free item in return. This may be a sign that the seller is using financial incentives to increase ratings.

• Look for consolidated evaluations.Look for reviews of completely unrelated products by skimming the text.Additionally, you can check to see whether the listing has been updated.Select “All formats” drop down to see further product iterations.To enhance the amount of reviews, some vendors combine two distinct listings.Avoid the page where a book review is located if it is about a garden hose.

• Examine global ratings.Since Amazon now displays international reviews alongside its listings for American products, some merchants combine reviews for various products from multiple nations in order to boost ratings.To access international reviews, scroll down to “Top reviews from other countries” on the product’s main listing page.

• Go to the vendor’s page.Look at the seller’s name next to “Sold by” under the large orange “Buy Now” button.The text will contain a link to the seller’s shop if Amazon isn’t the one selling the item directly.You may view the location of the seller, customer reviews related to that seller, and the most crucial piece of information: the vendor’s refund policy.In case something goes wrong, you’ll want to know whether Amazon’s 30-day return policy or another seller-specific policy applies.

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