Facebook now lets you select a specific audience for your posts – here’s how to do it?


You can also modify your ad preferences.

Meta has introduced a new feature that will make it easier to select an audience for Facebook posts.
Aside from that, Meta has sent out an update to their audience about their updated Privacy Policy, which was previously known as the Data Policy.

The new feature, on the other hand, allows users to change the audience for individual posts without affecting the settings for future posts.
Assume you share a post on the platform and configure the settings so that it is visible to a specific number of people on your friend’s list.

This will also have no effect on the sharing settings of your previous platform posts.
In this section, we will go over how to change the audience for your Facebook posts in a nutshell.

How to select the audience for your Facebook post?

  • Open Facebook, go to the profile icon at the top left corner of the screen, and click on it. 
  • Now click on the Settings and Privacy button and then select the Settings option followed by Privacy from the next menu. 
  • Head to the activity feed, now click the option saying who can see your future posts. 
  • There are multiple options to choose from including Public, Friends, Friends Except, Specific Friends, and Only Me. 
  • Select the people from your friend’s list that you can see your post and save your choice. 
  • After all this, the process is complete, all the posts will only appear on the feed of selected people.

What else is there?

Facebook users will also be able to manage the ads that appear in their news feed.
According to Meta, the Ad Topics and Interest Categories on both Instagram and Facebook can be changed.
Users will be able to change their ad preferences related to topics on both social media platforms via the settings.

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