Google Drive finally has this popular feature to make your task easier!


Google has finally released this well-known feature that you’ve probably been using with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other applications for years!Check to see what it is.

Google has finally released a well-known and widely used feature that we have all been using for years!
You’ve probably heard of this feature, and it’s surprising that Google Drive didn’t have it from the start—it should have been there from the start.Google has now confirmed in a WorkSpace Updates blog that the Copy and Paste shortcut for your Google Drive has been rolled out in the Chrome browser itself!Your attempt would have failed if you had used the copy-paste shortcut on Google Drive earlier.It perplexed users, who assumed there was something wrong with their devices while it was entirely Google’s fault.However, you will be able to use this common feature that has been a part of our computer system for decades now.

However, with the latest update, you will be able to use the shortcut on Google Drive as well.
The Copy/Paste feature will use the same shortcut keys.Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + X for cut, and Ctrl + V for paste on Windows.Similarly, Mac users will be able to use the same shortcuts with command instead of control – Cmd + C, Cmd + X, and Cmd + V.

“You can now copy, cut, and paste Google Drive files in your Chrome browser by using the familiar keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C (or + C on Mac), Ctrl + X, and Ctrl + V.””This saves you time by allowing you to copy one or more files and move them to new locations in Drive, as well as across multiple tabs, with fewer clicks,” Google explained in a blog post.When you copy a file, you will also capture a link to the file as well as its title.
This allows you to easily copy and paste them into a document or an email.

Google took years to add this simple feature to Drive, but your task is now much easier.
Using the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Shift + V shortcuts, you can organise files in multiple locations without having to duplicate them all over your cloud storage system.Not only that, but you can use the Ctrl+Enter shortcut to open files or folders in a new tab, allowing you to view multiple files at once, or use different tabs to more easily organise files between two different folder locations.

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