Google Assistant’s automatic password updater gets wider rollout


But only on supported sites

A Google Assistant tool that automates the time-consuming process of resetting your passwords following a security incident looks to be expanding. According to a tweet from leaker Max Weinbach and an Android Police investigation, this is the case.

In one of Weinbach’s pictures, a dialogue box warns that Chrome for Android has detected that a previously used password has been exposed in a breach and offers the option to “Change automatically.” A confirmation box appears in the second, asking the user to accept to “Let Google Assistant help you change your password.”

Last year, during Google I/O, the Google Assistant functionality was unveiled. It only works on supported sites, but the goal is to automate as much as possible of the password-changing procedure. When activated, Assistant will bring you to the correct page for resetting your password and generate and save new login credentials using Chrome’s built-in password manager.

There’s also the option to manually verify whether your Chrome credentials have been compromised, according to Android Police. In the browser’s settings, go to the “Passwords” sub-menu and select “Check passwords.” When a compromised password is discovered, a “Change password” button will display, with a Google Assistant logo if the password can be changed automatically.

The security feature is based on Google’s “Duplex on the Web” technology, which is designed to make processes like buying movie tickets, checking in for flights, and ordering food go as swiftly as possible. This is accomplished by automating the more mundane aspects of the process, such as scrolling, clicking through multiple pages, and completing forms. 9to5 According to Google, the password automation has been progressively trickling out since November, when “certain users” were granted access.

Password managers like LastPass and Dashlane have previously offered the functionality to automatically reset compromised passwords. However, given the number of people who use the password manager built into their browser by default, Google’s innovation could have a considerably wider reach as it rolls out.

We’ve contacted Google to confirm the scope of the rollout.


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