3D Avatars now available on Meta, Messenger and Instagram in India; here’s how to create one


Meta has launched 3D avatars on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram stories as part of its effort to develop a metaverse platform.

In India, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has launched new 3D avatars on Facebook, Messenger, and, for the first time, Instagram stories and direct messaging.
Meta is also providing new facial shapes and support equipment for persons with disabilities as part of its effort to develop a metaverse platform.
3D avatars, for the uninitiated, are users’ digital or animated avatars.

“The diversity of the real world should be reflected in metaverse representations.
Avatars are just the beginning of allowing people to express themselves in their own unique ways “Meta India’s Director and Head Partnerships, Manish Chopra, said in a statement.

“You can choose the proper facial traits, body shapes, dress styles, and more to construct your virtual self when you create your avatar,” he continued.

Cochlear implants and over-the-ear hearing aids (for one or both ears) are now available in a variety of colours and on all platforms, including Virtual Reality, in the new 3D Avatar on Meta and Instagram.
It also contains wheelchairs, which will appear as Facebook stickers, Messenger messages, and Instagram DMs.

The business also stated that it is improving the appearance of Avatars by making minor changes to facial shapes and skin shaders to make avatars more realistic.
The company stated that it will continue to introduce more options over time based on community feedback.

How can you make a 3D avatar for Meta, Messenger, and Instagram?

Open the app and select Meta from the menu.

-Go to Avatars and select “Edit your Avatar.”

  • Facebook will provide you with a variety of Avatar customization options, such as outfits, facial forms, eye shapes, and hairstyles.

-Create and customise your Avatar to your preference.

-The next step is to show off your new 3D avatar.

Navigate to Avatars.

-At the bottom, tap the “Share to Feed” button.

-Add your Avatar to your RSS feed.

You can do the same for Messenger and Instagram by tapping on your profile image, then tapping on “Avatar,” and then repeating the steps above.

Here’s how to send your Avatar stickers in Messenger chats:

-Open the messaging app and tap on a discussion to initiate it.

-To view your avatar sticker pack, tap on stickers.

-Select a sticker you’d like to send and tap it to send it.

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