New Emojis For Android And iOS Include Shaking Face, Pushing Hands, More


The few emojis that have been authorised for release this September are a Shaking Face, two Pushing Hands, and a simple Pink Heart.

A glimpse of the emojis that will eventually be made available to Android and iOS users has been revealed ahead of World Emoji Day 2022 on Sunday.Emoji 15.0, which will probably be released in 2022 and 2023 and comprises 31 emojis for this year, has been drafted by Emojipedia and includes example photos.However, depending on the platform, emoji designs will change.There are just a select few emojis that have been approved for the launch in September, including a Shaking Face, two Pushing Hands that can be used as a high-five symbol, and a simple Pink Heart.

On the occasion of World Emoji Day on Sunday, Emojipedia has written the sample designs of the future emojis in a blog post under Emoji 15.0 edition.New emojis will be included in Emoji Version 15.0, which will be released concurrently with Unicode 15.0.A trembling face, two pressing hands, a simple pink heart, and more are among them.According to Emojipedia, these few emojis have been authorised for release in September.According to reports, the emojis will be made available to Android and iOS users gradually.

Emoji 15.0 also includes a hair pick, a grey heart, a light blue heart, and more.There is also a Khanda emoji, which is the Sikh religion’s emblem.The preliminary list of emojis is subject to change between now and finalisation in September.

A donkey, mammals, animals, birds, including a blackbird, and even a jellyfish emoji are all included in the Emoji 15.0 samples.

The number of suggested emojis for Emoji 15.0 is only 31, compared to the 334 recommended emojis for 2020 and the 112 recommended emojis for last year.In actuality, this is the least amount of fresh emojis Unicode has ever suggested at once.

According to Emojipedia, the majority of the draught candidates are often accepted even though the Unicode Consortium says that this list of Emoji 15.0 won’t be finalised until September.

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