Top 10 AI tools that you need to know 2024


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) apps has increased dramatically after OpenAI released the ChatGPT generative AI chatbot tool in November 2022. ChatGPT is now utilized by over 100 million people each week.

Since then, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have started to change our daily routines and are being utilized in a wide range of fields and businesses, including the creation of speech recognition software, maps, and medical treatments.

It is a recent development that it is widely used in daily life. Here are the top ten AI technologies now in use. Continue reading for a thorough analysis of how AI is being utilized, how organizations are utilizing it, and estimates of the size of the growing industry.

The Top 10 AI Tools in Use

1. ChatGPT

Based on a large language model (LLM), the pervasive AI chatbot is taught to respond to prompts in-depth and in a manner that is natural and human-like.

Up until August of this year, the website had about 14.6 billion hits, or 1.5 billion visits every day. It accounted for 60.17% of all visits, dominating the traffic to generative AI technologies. Net traffic increased by 1.8 billion on the platform, which translates to an average monthly gain of 195.1 million visits.

2. AI Characters

Launched in September 2022, Character AI is a chatbot that employs a neural language model to allow users to find or create a character to engage with. Along with real individuals, the characters on the website are drawn from novels, TV series, and motion pictures. 3.8 billion visits, or 15.77% of all AI traffic, were made by it. It saw a 463.4 million net traffic gain, or an average monthly growth of 42.1 million visits.

3. QuillBot

In 2017, Quillbot, an online writing aid, was introduced. The program helps users create better content by rearranging and paraphrasing words. In addition, the tools can translate material into a number of other languages, check grammar, and identify plagiarism.

Up until August of this year, 1.1 billion people visited Quillbot. It accounted for 4.68% of all monthly visitors to AI tools, with an average of 94.6 million visits. With a net loss of 5.1 million visits, or an average monthly loss of 461,400 visits, there was a minor decline in traffic, though.

4. Mid-Trip

Launched in July 2022, Midjourney is an AI-powered image generator that turns natural language text inputs into graphics. Over the course of the year, the platform received 500.4 million visits, or 2.06% of all traffic. Due to the release of competing image generators that garnered notice, its monthly average of 41.7 million visits fell by 787,700, resulting in a net traffic loss of 8.7 million.

5. Facial Hugs

Hugging Face is an AI-powered data science community and platform that lets users collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, and develop, train, and implement machine learning models using open-source code and technology. The platform saw 316.6 million visits in total. Monthly visits averaged 26.4 million, an average monthly gain of 316,400, and a net growth of 3.5 million visits, contributing 1.31% of the total traffic.

6. Bard on Google

Launched in March 2023, Google’s AI chatbot Bard is a collaborative conversation tool that was unveiled in February 2023. The key difference between Bard and ChatGPT is that Bard sources information from the web. Additionally, Bard received training on Google’s own LLMs, Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) and PaLM 2, as opposed to ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing.

Over the course of six months, Bard’s traffic reached a total of 241.6 million, averaging 34.5 million each month and making up 1.00% of all traffic. There was a net gain of 68 million visitors to the site, or 11.3 million more visits on average each month.

7. NewAI

NovelAI is a premium monthly subscription service that offers text-to-image synthesis and storytelling assistance via artificial intelligence. In June 2021, the writing tool was released in beta, and in October 2022, the image generating tool was added. A total of 238.7 million visits were made to NovelAI, or 19.9 million visits per month on average, making up 0.98% of the traffic. There was a 918,900 rise in average monthly visits, or 10.1 million more visits overall.

8. CapCut

With the help of CapCut, an all-in-one AI platform, users can create, edit, and render videos right within web browsers. Since its launch in 2020, CapCut has received 203.8 million visits in total in the year up to August. Of those visits, 17 million are made on average per month, accounting for 0.84% of the total traffic. A rise of 1.3 million visits per month was achieved with a net traffic growth of 14.6 million.

9. AI Janitor

Launched in May 2023, Janitor AI is a character chatbot that was first built on ChatGPT. It lets users build their own characters and engage with those made by other users to create engaging roleplaying games.

Users can now interact with the characters in a way that is not appropriate for work (NSFW) thanks to modifications made to the model. Over the course of four months, the tool received 192.4 million visits overall, with an average of 48.1 million visits per month, or 0.79% of all traffic. There was a net gain of 48.8 million visitors with an average monthly increase of 16.3 million visits.

10. Civitai

Civitai is a repository for AI art models made using Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image diffusion model, and was launched in November 2022. Users can browse and customize a large variety of models on the platform, which facilitates the sharing and rating of personalized models, textual inversions, and other content. 177.2 million visits were made to the platform, with an average of 17.7 million every month, making up 0.73% of all traffic. A monthly increase of 2.6 million visits resulted from a net traffic growth of 23.3 million.

What Uses Do AI Tools Serve?

AI technologies reply to prompts with automatically generated responses or simple tasks by using machine learning (ML) that has been trained on large data sets. Multimedia language (ML) algorithms can generate or summarize text, modify or produce images and videos, record audio, verify code, and more. In order to forecast and spot trends, they are able to examine the data that is provided to them. They can eventually learn from the data and instructions provided to them in order to perform better.

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