How to use banking features on WhatsApp using Airtel Payments Bank


Banking has grown more convenient and time-consuming in recent years, and there is no longer any need to line for long periods of time.While the internet has enabled this, WhatsApp‘s Airtel Payments Bank is bringing this advancement in banking to the next level.It’s as simple as adding a phone number to your contacts to use Airtel Payments Bank’s services on WhatsApp.

How to Use Airtel Payments Bank’s WhatsApp Features

You must save the linked WhatsApp Business account number 8800688006 to your contact list in order to register for Airtel Payments Bank on WhatsApp.After you’ve saved the contact, all you have to do now is enter ‘Hi’ and send a message to the contact to begin a conversation.

WhatsApp, in particular, claims to offer several advantages to its users over traditional banking methods.The most significant advantage is the availability of financial services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.Because Airtel uses end-to-end encryption, the information will stay safe and secure.

All messages and service requests sent through WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end, according to Airtel Payments Bank.Nobody will have access to your account details.WhatsApp is secure since it does not require any private information, such as a PIN.Furthermore, there are no fees associated with utilising Airtel Payments Bank’s WhatsApp Banking services, which is equivalent to using any other WhatsApp Business account.

On WhatsApp, Airtel Payments Bank Services

You can access a variety of services after enrolling to use the Airtel Payments Bank features via WhatsApp.This new option will provide you with more information regarding the bank account details.

To begin, you can purchase gift cards to give to loved ones on any occasion, as well as digital gold through Airtel Payments Bank on WhatsApp.After then, you may either recharge your FASTag account or acquire more information about it.

You can get fast personal loans with Airtel Payments Bank on WhatsApp.You can also use this feature to recharge your phone and pay your utility bills.


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