YouTube Adds Three New Features For Reducing Spam Comments, Impersonators


The character set that can be added to a YouTube channel name is being limited by YouTube.

By introducing new tools, YouTube is attempting to lessen comment spam and impersonation on the video-sharing website.According to a YouTube announcement, channels will no longer be able to hide their subscriber counts as of July 29, 2022.According to the corporation, this will make it more difficult for impersonators to use the platform to pretend to be other authors.In order to be more stringent, YouTube has also created a new comment moderation setting.Additionally, it restricts the kinds and quantities of special characters that can be used in channel names.

YouTube has revealed three new capabilities in an official community post to combat the issue of spam comments and impersonators.To make it more difficult for anyone to imitate well-known YouTube creators, YouTube will no longer permit channels to hide their subscriber figures.Users will no longer have the option to hide the amount of subscribers on their channel as of July 29, 2022.

“We’ve seen bad actors disguise their channels’ subscriber counts to imitate larger, more prominent channels on YouTube – they pretend to be other creators in comments, then entice visitors to their impersonating channel page”, according to YouTube.Additionally, the company noted that some producers prefer to conceal their subscription counts while growing a following.In addition, YouTube stated, “We know that not all producers using this option are bad actors but we made this decision to help our community be safer as a whole”.

Additionally, YouTube Studio’s creator comment moderation settings have been updated on the video sharing site.The updated moderation setting will allow creators to tighten up the Held for Review tab.It has been implemented as a feature that is optional and can filter out more spam and remarks involving identity theft.

Before, impersonators could alter their name by adding unique characters to the name of their YouTube channel, allowing them to have names that were nearly identical to those of other well-known artists.As a result, YouTube is limiting the characters permitted for channel names.According to the corporation, the upgrade prevents impersonators from changing their channel name to anything like “¥ouⓉube✅”.

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