Google Bans Another 8 Popular Android Apps – Delete Them Immediately


Following the discovery of 8 massively popular Play Store apps that can provide hackers access to personal data, including text messages, and sign users up for pricey subscriptions without their agreement, millions of Android users are being encouraged to check their phones immediately.

Google has recently issued a new warning to Android users by removing another EIGHT applications from its Play Store.The most recent threat, which security researcher Maxime Ingrao found, propagated the terrible Autolycos malware using apps like Gif keyboards, video editing, and camera filters.

This covert programme has the power to infect computers with hackers who can then take over, enrol users in pricey subscription plans, and even read users’ private text messages.According to a tweet from Ingrao, some of these apps may have been available for some time “A brand-new family of malware has been discovered that uses premium services.8 applications since June 2021, 2 applications that are always in the Play Store, and +3M instals “.

Google immediately removed all of the problematic apps from its store after being made aware of the new threat, but not before millions of people had already downloaded them.

In fact, before being blocked, two of the problematic apps each had one million instals.The complete names of the applications that include malware are mentioned below if the most recent news has your attention.


• Funny Camera

• Razer Keyboard & Theme

• Vlog Star Video Editor

• Creative 3D Launcher

• Wow Beauty Camera

• Gif Emoji Keyboard

• Freeglow Camera

• Coco Camera v1.1

If you have any of these apps installed on your iPhone, you need to delete them right away to keep everything safe.

It’s also important to verify that you haven’t subscribed to any unauthorised subscription plans by reviewing your bank statement.

The discovery of these subpar apps comes after Google blocked another four last week.

Pradeo’s security team discovered the deadly Joker malware concealed among Play Store downloads and encouraged users to delete the affected apps right once to protect themselves from fraudulent actions.

This notorious piece of software has the ability to enrol Android users in pricey subscription services without their knowledge, leaving them out hundreds of pounds.

The apps that Android users should stay away from include Quick Text SMS, Blood Pressure Monitor, Voice Languages Translator, and Smart SMS Messages.

If you’ve downloaded any of the apps mentioned above, here is how to delete them from your device… Open the Google Play Store app • At the top right, tap the profile icon • Tap Manage apps and devices > Manage • Tap the name of the app that you want to delete • Tap Uninstall

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