How to backup your Apple Watch in 10 minutes or less?


How your data is backed up by Apple Watch?

The iPhone that is associated with your Apple Watch is where your data is backed up. You don’t need to do anything to keep your watch backed up—this happens automatically as long as your iPhone and Apple Watch are close to one another.

To ensure that the most recent data is preserved, your Apple Watch will be fully backed up to your iPhone when you unpair it from your phone. If you ever need to restore your Apple Watch or set up a new one, you can utilize the backed-up data on your iPhone to sync your Apple Watch.

Your Apple Watch data will be included in the iPhone backup that you make to iCloud or your PC. This implies that your most recent Apple Watch data is also restored when you set up a new iPhone and restore it from backup.

What’s in your Apple Watch backup is as follows:

  • settings and data unique to a particular program (for built-in and third-party apps). Maps, distance, units, and mail, calendar, stock, and weather settings are a few examples.
  • The Home screen’s arrangement of apps
  • Clock face settings, containing the watch face you are currently using, customizations, and order
  • general system parameters, including haptic, sound, and brightness
  • Health and fitness information, including history, accolades, data entered by the user, workout and activity calibration data from your Apple Watch, and user-input information (you must utilize iCloud or an encrypted computer backup to backup your Health and Fitness information).
  • Notification preferences
  • synchronized playlists, albums, and mixes with your Apple Watch and music preferences
  • The Siri Voice Feedback configuration that governs Siri’s speaking
  • synchronized picture album (To find out which album syncs, launch the Apple Watch app, select Photos > Sync Album after selecting the My Watch page.)
  • Zone of Time

These are the things that Bluetooth pairings are missing from your Apple Watch backup:

  • Debit or credit cards that can be used on your Apple Watch to make purchases
  • Your Apple Watch passcode
  • Your iMessages and text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) communications are automatically saved in iCloud if your devices are set up to use iCloud and communications in iCloud.

If you set up a family member’s Apple Watch using Family Setup:

When an Apple Watch that you administer for a family member is linked to both a power source and a Wi-Fi network, the watch will automatically backup to the family member’s iCloud account.

Open the Settings app on the managed Apple Watch, navigate to [account name] > iCloud > iCloud Backups, and then select the option to disable iCloud backups for that watch.

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