Instagram is getting a new typeface and an energy refresh, and we’re here for it


An illuminated gradient logo, a new typeface, and a focus on content are among the new additions.

Instagram has been operating for 11 years, and we’ve seen it go through a number of changes in that time.
Instagram has evolved into much more than a photo-sharing software, and the company’s CEO Adam Mosseri has stated that the remainder of the road forward will be mainly focused on videos.

You aren’t the only one who thinks Instagram has always looked like this.
Minor, subtle changes to the UI and how the programme appears have been made, often too small to detect until you look closely.
Instagram is currently “developing” after a major logo update in 2016.

The Meta-owned platform has announced that it will introduce “new vigour,” which will involve an aesthetic upgrade on many levels.
Instagram stated, “Our new system is meant to encourage continual innovation in order to help us build more immersive and inclusive experiences for our community.”

“With a focus on simplicity and self-expression, our new design system puts content first.
“The new Instagram marketing layouts use full-screen graphics, reference the in-app experience, and highlight the creativity we witness every day from our community,” the site stated.

An illuminated gradient logo, a new typeface, and a focus on content are among the new additions.
With the help of a 3D modelling process, the gradient Instagram logo that was debuted in 2016 is getting an overhaul to make it look “illuminated and alive.”
“The gradient signifies moments of discovery in our marketing, logo, and even in-app, as seen in Create mode, stickers, and Instagram Story rings,” Instagram explained.

Instagram Sans is the new typeface for the platform, and it will be utilised across its brand as well as other media forms such as ad campaigns.
Instagram Sans was created with “our heritage in mind and comprises numerous worldwide scripts,” according to the company.
This font will be available in the app as well, and can be used in Stories and Reels.

Finally, the emphasis on content is on full-screen viewing, something Instagram has been exploring for some time.
This makes Instagram resemble TikTok, but it works.

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